Themes of our Times concert series

Water is life Landscape

Left Coast Labour Chorus Zoom Concert: Water Is Life

Dear friends:

Curious to know what Left Coast Labour Chorus has been doing behind the mask in the last little while?  Perhaps you caught one of our earlier online shows on the Environment, labour rights and racism.  Our desire is to bring issues and arts together and build connections and relationships between progressives while we are all hunkered down.

We are pleased to invite you to the public launch of our first session of a new series, Themes of Our Times:   Is This the Promised Land?  
In it, we shine a spotlight on the fastest growing sector of workers, so-called gig or "platform" workers, the ones who are ubiquitous, precarious, unprotected and neglected.   This short 15min. episode presents our latest virtual choir recording, Promised Land.
 The full program can be found here: 

In solidarity, the Social Media Committee, Left Coast Labour Chorus