Our COVID-19 Statement

The pandemic has caused us to postpone rehearsals for the chorus as a whole. However, we organised pods of 5 or 6 people and rehearsed outdoors in the summer and fall, under a protected overhang while the weather was reasonable. Once November’s cold and rain began, we had to move to Zoom rehearsals. As of November 2020, we continue to rehearse on Zoom, in our pods of 5, for 40 minute sessions with our Director, Peggy Hua. If singing in a group once again becomes safe, we will resume indoor rehearsals as a group. Until then, we are moving forward with small pod rehearsals on Zoom.

We have hosted 2 Zoom revues: one for Labour Day on the topic of work ; and one for Nov. 29 on the theme of racism. We had wonderful guest artists and musicians perform in these hour- long concerts. Due to copyright limitations, we cannot provide the link to the shows once they are over, but if we can overcome these restrictions with some editing, we will provide the links.